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The Route 2018

  • Written by Francesca
  • Category: Travelog

Schermata 2018-03-18 alle 18.02.32Progetto Mediterranea expedition resumes its journey and enters its fourth year of navigation in the Mediterranean. Mediterranean vessel, a 60-foot-powered cutter ketch designed by Michel Bigoin, continues the route, carrying out its three objectives: nautical, cultural and scientific. Between May and September it will be in the Western Mediterranean, between Sardinia and Corsica, to then follow the coast of France and Spain - where cultural meetings will take place in the cultural program - and finally complete the 2018 Route in Portugal. Like every year, the expedition opens its doors to its friends and supporters, because Progetto Mediterranea is a co-sailing system, supported and carried out by 52 passionate people, the Mediterraneans, who alternate on board and carry out cultural, scientific and sailing research activities within what, first of all, is a social experiment of sharing: a different way of conceiving property, use, travel, cohabitation, discovery. In fact, next to the Mediterraneans, in weeks established, the Amici of Mediterranea can join, that is, all those who wish to share the values ​​and experiences of the Mediterranean Project, even if only for a part of its route.

To find out more about the organizational details you can write to:

Between May and September we will sail from Trapani to Lisbon, on an all-European route. The main harbours are those shown on the map and there will be changes in the crew, while during navigation there will be stops in bays and any small intermediate ports. We will sail along Sardinia and Corsica to then head towards Nice, crossing the Pelagos - Santuario dei Cetacei, a splendid protected marine area between Tuscany, Sardinia and the Provencal coast. We will then continue to Marseille and Barcelona, ​​where there will be an opportunity to attend the meetings provided for by the cultural program. The stop in these two cities could therefore be prolonged (up to 4 days). After Barcelona we will continue sailing between the Balearic islands, then return to the Spanish coast and proceed towards the Strait of Gibraltar. From here, we will reach Lisbon.

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Let the people happen!

  • Written by Francesca
  • Category: Travelog

DSC 0204



(By Laura Murgia)

Arkoi, Dodecanese | June 1, 2016 - Afternoon forwarded, take a bath in the sea in the Strait Ormos Bay, lazily when the sun begins to set. Mediterranea shares the harbor with another vessel, while a Gin Fizz 11 meters, with two men on board, arrives and settles between us. We follow a little distracted their operation anchorage, and just as casually greet them, as good manners require the navy to do. 

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Progetto Mediterranea and the Mediterranean voices

  • Written by Francesca
  • Category: Travelog



(...) Set sail for the Mediterranean will begin a long, slow, gradual, arduous, unpredictable return home. Which it is absent for too long. Where we have to find our rooms, lights, objects, sounds with which we were brought up, the lack of which creates discomfort, state of continuous excitement, symptoms of a deep separation, which is redeemed, if we want to try to stay the human being. (Simone Perotti)

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Cultural meetings in Istanbul: the video-abstract

  • Written by Francesca
  • Category: Travelog



The video-promo intro to the uncut interviews of the Meetings in Istanbul directed by Simone Perotti.

The faces and words of the turkish thoughts, in the places and spaces of Istanbul. A man makes a question, the Turkey answeres, in a socratic dialogue that is also an exchange of points of views looking for a solution.

The intellectuals of Istanbul are coming soon. Enjoy the show!

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Aboard Mediterranea we do this way

  • Written by Francesca
  • Category: Travelog





(by Simone Perotti)

Aboard Mediterranea we do this way. The more experts make room for those who need to gain experience. During the first year sailing our boat required the humility of waiting, working care. Whoever was on board, experienced or not, washed, put fenders on and off, contributed to the works, listened to the courses and the interpretations of wind and sea, without actually making any of his own. Whoever was on board, during our first year, slave or king, had to bow his head to Mediterranea, get to know it, respect it and take care of it, learning life on board. The sea does not spare, and does not award either the impatient, the ambitious, those who are not humble. To command a boat you shall love it, and to go to sea you shall never stop being afraid of it.

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Hüseyin Coban and the design of beauty

  • Written by Francesca
  • Category: Travelog

Husayin Coban

(by Giuliana Rogano)

Turkey, Amasra - May 6, 2015

Unexpected meetings are the most beautiful, are the surprises that the journey gives you, are the surprises of the Mediterranean, are the surprises of our project.

Half an hour after we arrived at Amasra harbour a bearded man, good looking, with a tablet in a hand and pointing at the screen, says us "Welcome on Amasra, Mediterranea! Murat Belge is my friend ". He shows Belge's picture and the synthesis of the interview with him in Istanbul, on our website. He is Hüseyin Coban (*), a naval architect and founder and owner of the shipyards "COBANA Boat".

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